What Is Americanism?

Americanism is a set of ideas specific to the United States. Among its key concepts are freedom, equality, individualism, and democracy. It is believed that the United States is an exceptional nation because of these values. In short, you can say that Americanism is what makes people of the US American.

☝️  The Meaning of Americanism

First, let’s see what the word "Americanism” means. It is an idea that celebrates freedom and individualism of the US citizens. Opportunities and possibilities make the USA distinct from other countries. Carl Schurz, an American statesman and reformer, once said about it:

"This is not a mere idealistic fancy. It is the natural position of this great republic among the nations of the earth. It is its noblest vocation, and it will be a glorious day for the United States when the good sense and the self-respect of the American people see in this their "manifest destiny.” 
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